A dream of mine is to see an end to AIDS in my lifetime, at the very least a vaccine. Until then, there are a few organizations that promote research and assistance for those living with HIV and AIDS to which I lend support.

In June of 2005 my husband Jason and I took part in California's AIDS/Lifecycle 4 bicycle ride. Over two thousand participants raised 6.8 million dollars. We rode our bikes 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a successful venture to raise awareness and money.

This ride was my sixth AIDS ride and by far the most difficult. It was also my favorite ride because for the first time I was joined by my beloved husband Jason. He sure picked the most ambitious ride to be his first. By the end of the first day…he knew what he was in for.

Always the warrior, Jason never quit. When mountains got steeper and longer than we thought we were capable of climbing, he'd say, "let's do it" and we would. Jason had the utmost respect and admiration of all the riders we rode with. Simply put…we rocked!

It Was a Week When...

…everyone was kind,

…our bodies worked harder than ever before with power and strength we didn't know we had,

…the beauty of California's ocean, mountains, vineyards, farms, and generous citizens touched us profoundly,

…a moving city of over two thousand riders and crew became a family who watched out for each other,

…we shared daily laughter and tears with many whose names we never learned,

…we could eat anything we wanted, however much we wanted, without guilt, only worrying if we had eaten enough,

…we were grateful for the privilege & ability to participate in such an important event,

…most of us rode every mile and all of us rode every mile we could,

…we were filled with a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that as a result of this ride many with HIV/AIDS will receive medicine, food, and perhaps an extended life.

…It was also a week that could not have happened had it not been for the support and donations of our wonderful family and friends.

Check out my Flickr online album for pictures from the Ride…

Friends of Mine Know...

  • I like to take photos, send emails, collect quotes, look after our four legged friend Josh and two legged friend Nadia.
  • I have some cool rubber stamps and a terrifically reliable Honda.
  • I have three guilty pleasures; Myspace, Facebook and Reality TV.
  • I taught spinning at the YMCA for 8 years.
  • I own a park. Really.

That's pretty much me on a personal note. Thanks for reading.

– Mary